The next big GameFi you haven’t heard of... but are about to see everywhere

Julia Myers
Julia Myers
The next big GameFi you haven’t heard of... but are about to see everywhere
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What do Snoop Dogg, crypto community Web3 Women and The Walking Dead have in common? Partnerships with boutique game developing platform Gala Games, which has recently landed some of the most talked-about Metaverse, NFT and gaming collaborations. The company is a rising star in the GameFi space with a clear roadmap for the “Galaverse.” With hyped releases debuting this year (not even counting the surprise projects it’s known to drop out of the blue), Gala is a standout among blockchain gaming platforms with a reputation for quality games, big names and a strong community. According to our AI, the sentiment surrounding the platform is overwhelmingly positive, and despite current crypto volatility, Gala Games has a strong upward-trending forecast.'s signal for Gala Games

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing with projected sector revenue of $291 billion by 2027, and while big names like EA continue to take up the lion’s share of profits and licenses, demand is shifting within gaming communities. Gala Games, with its decentralized model that allows community members to vote on the direction of their favorite games, as well as create their own experiences on Gala’s blockchain utilizing in-game NFTs, already has a whopping 1.3 million monthly active users, dwarfing other metaverse platforms such as Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Founded in 2018, Gala made a splash last year with its first release Town Star, a Farmville-esque P2E powered by in-game NFT purchases, which took the market by storm and cemented Gala’s motto of “fun first” and blockchain second. Gala’s next drop was esports game Spider Tanks in collaboration with GAMEDIA, and their fantasy MMORPG Mirandus saw in-game NFTs snatched up months before the game’s release. While the Galaverse contains diverse, separate worlds, its VOX NFTs can be utilized across games to earn crypto and complete challenges. Its next big release, “The Walking Dead: Empires,” in partnership with AMC’s The Walking Dead, is sparking conversation across social media, with the signal surging hundreds of points in recent months and set to stabilize as the game is released and gamers flock to the platform.'s signal for The Walking Dead: Empires

Besides prioritizing fun and community, Gala’s unique draw is its focus on the creators themselves - Gala is even looking to support blockchain game developers through an NFT marketplace platform in collaboration with 888 The New World. Gala Music, “the first decentralized record company” was announced in February with Snoop Dogg at the helm releasing his latest blockchain album as a series of NFTs under his label Death Row Records. The pivot to music is a smart one; Snoop’s rare “stash boxes” of tokenized songs from his album sold out on Gala Music’s platform and Gala has already partnered with other stars like Steve Aoki and H.E.R. for upcoming projects sharing music ownership between creators and fans. Gala’s commitment to superior design and integration is evident with its unique “Music Nodes” system, where users can set up virtual stations of their favorite artists and earn crypto when other users stream the station. The signals for Gala Music and Snoop’s blockchain label Death Row Records surged hundreds of points with the NFT drop in February, and are set to continue growing as more artists release their music on the platform.'s signals for Gala Music and Death Row Records

While relatively new to the gaming industry and much smaller than the industry giants, what makes Gala a standout among viral GameFis is its commitment to quality - they’re even planning the release of a GalaChain, a low-network-fee blockchain built specifically for Gala with longevity and scalability in mind. Gala is playing the long game: establishing a strong reputation, building an active community around their metaverse, and generating real value for users through NFTs and play to earn opportunities, translating to the rising value of its token $GALA. The token’s price has a 93.5% correlation with our “Gala Games” signal, indicating that the projected growth of the platform will continue to drive up the value of the Gala coin.'s signal for Gala Games with the price of GALA

With a respectable market cap of over $1.5 billion for a relatively small gaming company of 200 employees founded in 2018, Gala has an upward trend with a peak of $0.7 in November of last year, and while the price has hovered between 20 and 30 cents in the past few months, the rising price floor hints at the potential to hit $1 in the near future. Our recommendation? Go long on Gala - now’s the time to buy in as it trades sideways during continued crypto volatility in the market. Between its active, engaged community and its laundry list of impressive collaborations across industries, Gala still has the flexibility to try radical new approaches and the strong technological foundation to let them succeed. The Galaverse is coming - it’s only a matter of time.

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